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All Gumbled Up

Semper Gumby!

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/guhm'bee/ n. a wonderful, humanoid creature made entirely of green clay and love.

This community is open to all Gumby fanatics. No matter the degree of your interest, you are all welcome. You may post anything, and I mean literally anything [provided that you follow the rules below], including fanfiction, photography, graphics, videos, products, etc.

All we ask is that you keep in mind the following set of rules. Otherwise, you have pretty much free reign over what you’d like to post, provided that’s it’s more or less on topic.


+ Profanity and anything including mature content requires an LJ-cut and a subsequent warning [example: “Rating: R” or “Rating: NC-17”]. For information on the process of creating an LJ-cut, go here.

+ LJ-cut long posts please. This makes scrolling and finding what you need less of a hassle.

+ Tag things appropriately. If you posted photographs, tag your entry ‘photography’. If you posted a video, tag it ‘video’. If you posted a video AND photographs, tag it ‘video, photography’. It’s really not that difficult.

+ Spamming is prohibited. It’s annoying, okay?

+ Respect other people’s opinions.